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Google finds its design voice on iOS


Great overview by Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web on just how far Google has come with regard to the design of their iOS apps.

Previously, a number of their apps were definitely amongst the worst popular apps on the platform. Now, I’d only count the ones that haven’t been updated to the new design aesthetic — namely Google Voice — in that camp. And the newest ones built from scratch, like Google Maps and YouTube Capture, are very well done.

But while the updated apps certainly look better, performance is still an issue. Gmail, in particular, sucks. There has been a bad bug resulting in the same email being sent twice. In general, the app is way too slow in every regard. Things are constantly refreshing. The only thing that makes it look good to some people is that the actual web app is so much worse.

Still, no doubt things are getting much better. Kudos to Google. I can’t wait for that Google Now iOS app (though perhaps it will be a part of an updated version of the regular old Google app?).

I still don’t like Google’s design language. Sorry. Way too flat.

Heymosaic - This one seems really nice

I don’t have access to the application as it will be available only this coming friday. But, looking at the promotional web site, there might be something really nice here.

@FlurryApp - Wow!

A really nice iOS app promoted by an even nicer web site. Anxious to see this app in action.

May 1

On Why iOS Apps look Better than Android Apps

In a few words:

  • Much less devices models, no platform fragmentation
  • Better developer tools
  • More complete documentation

Because of all these, designing better looking applications is much better on iOS than on Android. 

Showing your iOS application on the web - a nice template

If you want to display your iOS application on the web inside an iPhone device, look no further then this really nice template. I really love the third template with iPhone devices in a caroussel like arrangement and the fuzziness of the devices that sit at the back. Really nice.